Event: Tech Talk – Designing for Immersive AR: The Sky’s the Limit

Join us for our new Social meetup for the local Games & Tech community in Victoria. Our April entry will be a talk around immersive AR experiences with time before and after for socializing and networking.

Rob Roe, Hololabs‘ VP of Rendering, will give an overview of designing and creating immersive AR experiences on mobile platforms and through their experiences creating their upcoming game Sky Haven. He will review the current state of AR technologies for mobile games (eg, AR Foundation, Niantic Lightship, Qualcomm’s Vuforia, Social apps) along with our own solution for rendering both near and far AR content.

There are different approaches and solutions that support bringing AR into the skies around us, and we’ll discuss the affordances of this technique for gameplay and immersive world-building. We’ll touch on the use of maps in conjunction with AR as well as the narrative and game design tricks to mitigate edge cases.

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